Adobe purchases videos $3 Per Minute in Videos to Drive AI Advancements

Adobe purchases videos $3 Per Minute in Videos to Drive AI Advancements

Adobe’s strategic investment of $3 per minute in video content aims to bolster its AI-driven text-to-video generator, a move aimed at staying competitive against OpenAI’s Sora.

Adobe purchases videos

Adobe is soliciting videos from its vast network of creators to capture everyday activities and human emotions. These assets will serve as training data for its AI models, enhancing their ability to generate lifelike videos.

Expanding AI Capabilities

In the past year, Adobe has integrated generative AI features into flagship software like Photoshop and Illustrator, garnering billions of engagements. Despite challenges from competitors like Sora, Adobe remains committed to advancing video-generation technology.

Contributor Compensation

Contributors can earn up to $7.25 per minute of footage submitted, incentivizing the creation of diverse video content. However, caution is advised to avoid copyrighted or offensive material.

Data Requirements for AI

The demand for video content underscores the data-intensive nature of AI models powering content creation tools like ChatGPT. Adobe’s approach focuses on training models using its extensive stock media library, setting it apart from other data-sourcing methods.

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