K.AI Podcast #2 – AI in Society & Enterprises –

Discover the alarming potential of AI in a recent cybercrime where $26 million was stolen using deepfake

K.AI Podcast – EP1 – AI Future Prospects & Future

Dive into the Future of Developers with our insightful article, exploring the evolving landscape of technology and

LLMS are not Knowledge Models! Watch out for AI hallucination!

The implications of AI hallucination on society, including misinformation and privacy concerns. Learn about strategies for addressing

Gemini 1.5 Pro: Enhanced AI Assistant for Seamless Interaction

Discover Gemini 1.5 Pro, the latest iteration of the AI assistant offering advanced features like longer context

OpenAI Co-Founder Ilya Sutskever Departs: What It Means for the

Explore the departure of OpenAI co-founder Ilya Sutskever and its implications for the company's trajectory and leadership.

Introducing Chat GPT-4o: OpenAI’s Latest Advancement in AI Technology

Dive into the latest innovation from OpenAI, Chat GPT-4o, offering enhanced capabilities across text, vision, and audio,

China’s S1 Robot: Unveiling ‘Human-Like’ Speed and Precision

Explore the groundbreaking capabilities of China's S1 robot, showcasing remarkable agility and precision reminiscent of human movements.

Victoria Shi – Ukraine AI-Generated Foreign Ministry Spokesperson

Explore how Ukraine integrates AI Person technology to introduce Victoria Shi, revolutionizing diplomatic communication with a blend

AI Lobbying in Washington: Big Tech’s Dominance

Discover how big technology companies are shaping AI legislation through intensive lobbying efforts in Washington, influencing policy

‘Toxic AI’ is here – Scientists incentivize the worst questions

The latest breakthrough in AI training, known as curiosity-driven red teaming (CRT), introduces a controversial method to

Tesla self-driving Perfectly Handles Chaotic Intersection

Tesla's Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta v12.3 impresses with its handling of challenging unprotected left turn scenarios, showcasing

The Truth Behind the Balloon Head Sora Video!

Discover the truth behind the viral Sora AI video featuring a man with a balloon for a

AI Ray-Ban Meta Glasses: Apple Vision Competitor

Explore the new generation of Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, featuring advanced AI capabilities and enhanced audio and

Henry Cavill Stars As James Bond In Viral AI-Generated 007

Henry Cavill's portrayal as James Bond in a viral AI-generated trailer sparks fan excitement, despite the footage

Netflix’s Controversial Use of AI-manipulated images in True Crime Documentary

Netflix's "What Jennifer Did" raises eyebrows as viewers suspect AI-generated images of Jennifer Pan in a murder-for-hire

AI Can Convincingly Mimic Handwriting Style, Researchers Say

Researchers at Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence develop technology to mimic handwriting styles based on

Adobe purchases videos $3 Per Minute in Videos to Drive

Adobe purchases videos at $3 per minute to enhance its AI text-to-video generator, competing with OpenAI's Sora

JPEG Compression: Google’s Breakthrough in JPEGLI

Discover Google's innovative solution, Jpegli, revolutionizing image compression with a 35% improvement, promising higher quality and reduced

The Era of Smart Contact Lenses

Experience the future with smart contact lenses powered by BlinkIT, revolutionizing vision enhancement and health monitoring.

Elon Musk’s Chat GPT Competitor – Grok-1.5 AI Launch This

Elon Musk's Grok-1.5 AI chatbot, positioned as a competitor to ChatGPT, will debut on his social media

AI Will Destroy Humanity – 20% Chance by Elon Musk

Elon Musk warns of a 20% chance AI could destroy humanity, sparking debate over its risks and

5 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity

Discover the top 5 AI tools revolutionizing productivity, from ideation to execution, and propel your workflow into

First Ever AI Short Film by Sora

Witness the fusion of creativity and technology as Native Foreign pioneers the realm of AI short films

Elon Musk: Neuralink Aims to Cure Blindness

Elon Musk unveils Neuralink's ambitious project, Blindsight, aiming to restore vision to the blind using innovative brain

AI Spots Homeless – Impact on Extreme Poverty

San Jose pioneers the use of AI to identify homeless encampments, potentially reshaping urban strategies to address

Compute Currency and the Evolution of AI Assistance

Discover how compute is reshaping the future as OpenAI CEO Sam Altman discusses the transformative potential of

Jensen Huang Addresses AI Hallucinations and AGI Predictions

NVIDIA's CEO Jensen Huang discusses the solvability of AI hallucinations and predicts AGI's arrival within five years,

First Ever AI Law Approved – EU Passes Historic Legislation

EU's groundbreaking AI Act sets stringent regulations, penalties for non-compliance, marking a pivotal moment in AI governance.

Google Gemini Controversy Surrounding AI Image Generation

In the midst of the Google Gemini controversy, questions arise about AI's role in historical accuracy and

Generative AI Smartphone Integration – AI Operating System

In the dynamic smartphone arena, Brain.ai pioneers a revolutionary approach, leveraging generative AI to redefine user interaction.

China’s Initiative to Support AI Startups with ‘Computing Vouchers’

China is addressing GPU Supply Chain Challenges for Large Language Model Training

Worldcoin Controversy: Should You Sell Your Eye Scan?

Exploring the Privacy Risks and Financial Temptations Surrounding Worldcoin's Eyeball Scanning Project

New Google AI Coding Assistant Pipet Code Agent

Navigating Coding Tools: A Comparative Analysis of Pipet Code Agent

K.AI Podcast #2 – AI in Society & Enterprises –

Discover the alarming potential of AI in a recent cybercrime where $26 million was stolen using deepfake

K.AI Podcast – EP1 – AI Future Prospects & Future

Dive into the Future of Developers with our insightful article, exploring the evolving landscape of technology and

How Scammers Steal Using AI: $26 Million Dark Side of

Discover the alarming potential of AI in a recent cybercrime where $26 million was stolen using deepfake

Comparing K-Explorer and Google Duet-AI

Exploring the functionalities of K-Explorer and Google Duet-AI, two AI-powered coding assistants designed to enhance the developer's

ChatGPT Privacy Concerns: A Closer Look at Data Leaks and

Dive into the emerging ChatGPT privacy concerns, analyzing data leaks, regulatory challenges, and the implications for user

What’s Apple Vision? Inaugural Impact and AI Potential

What is Apple's vision? With the revolutionary Apple Vision Pro, the first new product since 2015, as

Will AI replace humans? No, but …

Unveiling the Role of AI Code Assistants and How They Complement Human Developers

2024 Google Gemini: A Comprehensive Guide to the Latest Generative

Explore the intricacies of Google's new generative AI platform, Gemini. Learn what sets it apart, its diverse

Demystifying ChatGPT: Expert Strategies for Streamlining Code Generation

Unlock the coding prowess of OpenAI's ChatGPT with these proven strategies shared by computer science experts. Learn

Top 10 AI Code Assistants for 2024

The coding landscape is evolving, thanks to the surge in AI-powered assistants. Discover the top 10 code

Google Cloud Empowers Developers with Duet AI: A Game-Changer in

Explore the revolutionary Duet AI for Developers launched by Google Cloud, a powerful coding assistant that leverages

The problem with developers’ onboarding process… it’s outdated!

I speak about the discovery of the persistent challenges faced by developers during onboarding and how K.Explorer,

Practical Guide to Enhance Language Model Performance

Maximize the potential of language models with Open AI's guide on prompt engineering. Learn effective strategies and

Elevating Code Generation: The Role of Prompt Engineering in Today’s

Explore the subtle art of prompt engineering and its impact on AI tools, unveiling a realm where

OpenAI Takes Measures to Mitigate Risks of Artificial Intelligence

OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, unveils plans to address potential dangers associated with its AI technology, hiring

MIT Researchers Develop Automated System for Human-AI Collaboration Onboarding

MIT and MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab researchers create a fully automated onboarding system to train users on