Scarlett Johansson in Fight Over ChatGPT Voice Assistant

Scarlett Johansson in Fight Over ChatGPT Voice Assistant

Scarlett Johansson has raised concerns over OpenAI’s new ChatGPT voice assistant, claiming it sounds remarkably like her. Johansson revealed that OpenAI CEO Sam Altman previously approached her to voice an AI assistant, which she declined. Despite this, the new ChatGPT voice assistant, called “Sky,” has a voice that Johansson says is indistinguishably similar to hers.

Union Support and Legal Actions

SAG-AFTRA, representing thousands of actors, has backed Johansson in her quest for clarity and transparency regarding the voice used in ChatGPT. The union emphasizes the need for consent and compensation for generative AI that replicates a member’s likeness. Johansson has hired legal counsel to demand OpenAI remove the “Sky” voice, stressing the importance of protecting personal likeness and identity in the era of deepfakes.

OpenAI’s Response and Industry Implications

OpenAI maintains that the “Sky” voice is not a mimic of Johansson but is from a different professional actress. The incident has sparked a broader conversation about the ethical implications of using AI to replicate voices and likenesses without explicit consent. This situation underscores the necessity for clear regulations and protections in the evolving field of AI.

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