Tesla self-driving Perfectly Handles Chaotic Intersection

Tesla self-driving Perfectly Handles Chaotic Intersection

FSD Beta v12.3 Performance

Despite initial struggles in previous versions, the latest FSD Beta release demonstrates notable improvement, particularly in navigating unprotected left turns.

Real-World Testing

Chuck Cook, a Tesla Model 3 owner and former US Air Force pilot, tested FSD Beta v12.3 at a complex unprotected left turn near his home in Jacksonville, Florida.

End-to-End Neural Net AI & Performance Highlights

Unlike previous versions, FSD Beta v12.3 relies on end-to-end neural net artificial intelligence, eliminating the need for manual code in various scenarios. While the FSD Beta v12.3 showcased improved performance in most attempts, some scenarios posed challenges, requiring intervention for safety.

Despite positive feedback from testers, Tesla acknowledges that FSD Beta v12.3 still has areas for improvement, particularly in scenarios encountered during real-world testing.

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